NuStyle Landscaping takes great pride in all their work and stands by it with several level of warranty for your protection. However we cannot be responsible for improper third party work or damage caused by them. Please read our warranty conditions



Landscape contract does not include a maintenance agreement.  We will not warranty any damage or poor maintenance by others. Turf is ready to mow after 2-3 weeks of establishment. This is when turf cannot be pulled up by hand and watering has been cut back.


Plant material is under warranty for 1 growing season, which is April to October. Any plant material installed after October may not be under warranty, as we cannot control the weather or freezing temperatures.


Any and all plant material will only be replaced at 1 time.

Trees will be staked and secured 1 time. These trees must remain staked for 2 growing seasons. If stakes are removed prior to 2 seasons this will void all warranties on plant material.

A macro shot of a Skipper butterfly on a purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea).
Arbutus unedo is an evergreen plant typical of the Mediterranean region. The fruit is a red aggregate drupe with a rough surface

During the dry winter months when the irrigation system is off, all evergreen plant material (Pine Trees, junipers, etc.) need to be hand watered by the owner. Fail to do so will void warranty on plant material.

We do not cover any plant material that has been improperly maintained by over watering, fertilizing, bad pruning, or any other damage caused by others.

Dandelion flower closeup. Green background. Shallow depth of field


New turf will be set to water 2-3 times per day depending on temperatures. Pop up spray heads will need to water 10-15 minutes per zone and 20-30 minutes per zone for larger rotors. Drip zones will be set to water for 20-30 minutes as they only drip gallons per hour. Once sod is established all zones can be set to water 1 time per day for same time limits as listed above.

Seed areas will need to be watered 3 times a day with limited water. Ground needs to be kept moist for seed establishment. Non-irrigated seed areas will need to be hand watered as need for proper establishment. Failure to do so will void warranty. Winter watering may be needed and will be the responsibility of the owner, as irrigation system will be shut down.


Sod is under warranty for 30 days after installation. We will NOT warranty any sod that has damage due to improper maintenance, mowing or damage by others.

com land 2
com land 4

Irrigated Seed is under warranty for 90 days during establishment. Non-irrigated seed areas are under a limited warranty. After 1 year of growth, seed areas will be inspected and if it has 50% Sf coverage seed is considered good establishment. This means in a 1x1 area if it has 50% coverage it’s acceptable.


PAVERS / FLAGSTONE – Warranty will not cover any damage by furniture, construction or poor maintenance. Owner will be responsible for sweeping in more sand for a short period to allow sand to fill in joints. This is a regular maintenance issue and NOT warranty.

CONCRETE – Any cracks larger than 1” may be considered warranty. All concrete must be inspected prior to replacement. Warranty will NOT cover any heaving of ground, large heavy traffic or damage by others.

WALLS – Warranty will not cover any damage by others, installation of fence post, or poor drainage.

Irrigation system will be warranted for 1-year parts and labor from date of installation. Warranty does not cover any damages by others or improper maintenance. Owner must winterize system by blowing it out.  Warranty is voided from damages of broken pipes due to freezing. Any damages not caused by Nu Style will be billed as T&M.


Nu Style Landscape does not cover any improper landscape maintenance by other companies, as we cannot control how they operate.

Nu Style Landscape does not cover acts of god, vandalism, and bad weather as in high winds, heavy rain, snow, freezing temps or droughts that may cause severe water shortages or strict watering guidelines or rules. We do not cover any other events beyond our control.

During drought conditions and the strict city watering guidelines warranty conditions are limited. We will not warranty any plant material or sod that cannot be watered properly because of city specs or guidelines.  We will meet on site to discuss any changes or limits of warranty for the year. All plant material needs to have winter watering which is not included in our original contract or maintenance agreement.